Group Therapy

small groups
Group psychotherapy, like individual psychotherapy, is intended to help people who would like to improve their ability to cope with difficulties and problems in their lives.  But, while in individual therapy, the client meets with only one person; the therapist.  In group therapy, the meeting is with a whole group and one therapist or possibly two therapists.  Group therapy focuses on interpersonal interactions, so relationship problems are addressed in the group as well.  Relationships in this instance can refer to personal, family, school, work, etc. 

If you would like to participate in one of our groups, please complete the group participation form.

elementary therapy groups houston

Overcoming Anxietygroup therapy for kids

The purpose of this group is to:

  • teach children how to overcome negative thinking
  • develop and maintain healthy levels of confidence
  • learn and utilize communication skills
  • acquire the social skills needed to make positive connections with peers

There is a group for both children and adolescents.


middle school groups


groups for middle school kids

Surviving and Striving in Middle School

The purpose of this group is to:

  • help middle school students transition from elementary to high school
  • understand what bullying is and how to respond to it
  • reduce social anxiety
  • develop confidence
  • understand peer pressure and how to avoid it
  • learn and utilize social skills that will help them to make positive social connections

This group will also learn about appropriate communication via social media and the dangers of using social media irresponsibly.

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Empowered Girls is a group for high school girls that seeks to:

  • help eliminate anxiety
  • reduce social anxiety
  • learn friendship skills
  • make good decisions
  • recognize their greatness!


Goodfellas is a group for high school boys that seeks to:

  • help young men make good decision
  • provide tools and techniques to help reduce anxiety, whether general or social
  • develop and demonstrate respect for themselves and others
  • achieve and/or maintain healthy levels of self esteem

This group is for boys who may have difficulty making decisions or have a history of making bad decisions, boys who are shy or who have anxiety, boys who need a place to bond and process with other boys.


Our Anger Management group is for all grades, but will be divided by age groups.  The group seeks to:

  • provide students with the skills to identify situations that make them angry
  • recognize that behaviors have consequences
  • help children develop skills and strategies to help them control anger and channel that emotion in positive ways.


Overcoming Divorce

This is a new group that has just recently been added.  This group seeks to:

  • have children process their feelings about their parents divorce
  • help children adjust to the divorce in a positive and healthy manner
  • find the positives in the new family dynamics
  • develop positive coping skills



adult group therapy houston

adult therapy groups

Adult  Anxiety Group

The group seeks to help members:

  • reduce and eliminate signs and symptoms of anxiety
  • arm members with tools and techniques to help re-frame anxiety producing thoughts
  • learn and utilize calming techniques


Women’s Process Group

This group seeks to:

  • allow women to have a safe space to process concerns that are specific to women
  • help women both share and get honest feedback from group members
  • equip women with coping skills needed to address the challenges in their lives


Stress Management Group

This group seeks to:

  • reduce stress that is effecting the individual and/or the family
  • provide members with relaxation techniques
  • teach members coping skills


anger management group houston

Is this you or how you feel inside?  Is this how others see you?

Anger Management

As an adult, the consequences of our anger are far different than those of children.  The consequences can have long lasting and regrettable effects on ourselves and/or others. This group seeks to:

  • help you to identify anger triggers
  • have you utilize techniques that will prevent the triggers from erupting into a negative demonstration
  • help transform anger into more positive expressions