Help for New Licensed Professional Counselors

Is there help for new Licensed Professional Counselors who need to learn more about clinical practices or about the business aspects?


So picture this.  You have just gotten your license as now you have the credentials to hang your shingles and start your own private practice.  The problem is, you don’t how to get started.  You know it is possible, but you don’t know how to get clients.  You don’t know how to get on insurance panels.  You don’t know how to find the right office space.  The list could go on…….and on…and on.  So you get frustrated and put it off until later.

Well, later is a liar, so here is the truth.  I offer help for counselors based upon almost a decade of being in private practice.  I know how to do all of the things listed above.  I know how to create websites, how to advertise and market and how to be seen by search.  (I know a whole lot more, but these are just the basics.)

You do not have to be like us and knock your head up against a wall trying to figure things out.  Sure you can spends hours researching each and everything you want to know.  That would cost you time and sometimes misinformation.  Time is your most valuable asset and misinformation is your biggest enemy.

I help counselors start successful private practices.  Whether you want to start a part time private practice or a full time private practice, do yourself a favorite and consult someone who knows, and who does not feel intimidated by sharing their knowledge.

Contact me if you would like my help.