Houston Anxiety Counselor

Houston Anxiety Counselor Sherell Hebert, MA, LPC

Sherell Hebert is the Houston Anxiety Counselor who specializes in anxiety related disorders. To her, anxiety is personal.
“I understand what it is like to have someone tell you that anxiety is “a disease” that you have to take medication for for the rest of your life. Being young and not knowing any better, I believed it. You see, I have a family history of anxiety, a history of people who had to take there ‘nerve pill’ daily. I did not want to live that life.
Instead, I chose to study everything I could about anxiety while in grad school. I learned that anxiety is not a disease, but instead, a psychological disorder that could be re-wired. Yes, re-wired!
I see people here in Houston, and through out the state of Texas (via online counseling) to help them re-wire and re-frame their thinking. Therapy with me is effective because I truly understand. There has honestly not been one symptom that a client has described that I, myself, have not experienced. I think that makes me more understanding, but more importantly, it makes me effective as a human being helping another human being who is having the experience of anxiety.
The title of Houston Anxiety Counselor is one that is fitting for the before mentioned reasons. I do have a genetic pre-disposition to anxiety and I am a counselor in Houston! The thing is, I no longer experience anxiety. I have learned ways to overcome it. I have helped many anxiety sufferers in Houston overcome it as well.
I am honored to hold the title of Houston Anxiety Counselor. I am also honored to help those who want to be free.”

Sherell Hebert, The Houston Anxiety Counselor, provides counseling both in her office in Northwest Houston and via an online HIPPA approved video portal. You can receive counseling for anxiety if you are in Houston or anywhere in the state of Texas.