How to Get Started

Do you want to know how to get started with counseling or psychotherapy services?

Congratulations on deciding to make positive changes in your life.  I have simplified the process of getting started by enabling registration and scheduling online.  All you need to do is click the tab that reads “Register/Schedule Online” and you will automatically be re-directed to a secure online portal.  You will simply complete the required fields and then click “submit”.

Next, you will be prompted to complete a biography.  The biography allows you to provide more information about some of the concerns that you would like to address during our work together.  It also allows you to provide any relevant history or any other information that will help me to help you.  This process takes about five to ten minutes.

Finally, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment.  Please select a day and time that you know will work best with your schedule.  Please read the cancellation policy (below or in the consent forms that are automatically emailed to you upon registration).  My calendar is in real time so if you can see it, click on it and it allows you to schedule, then it is available.  Please note, there are times that may be displayed, but may beunavailable for scheduling.  This is generally because you are attempting to schedule less than than 24 hours before the time.  By default, my system will only allow the scheduling of appointment 24 hours (or more) in advance. Existing clients can call, text or email regarding these time slots. Though the office number is not a cell phone and is completely separate from my cell phone, it is, however, set up to direct text messages to my cell phone during business hours.  I will respond when I am not in session.

*You do not need to wait for me to verify your insurance before scheduling. If you are concerned about your co-payment and want an immediate answer about your obligation, you can give your insurance company a call.  A part of their obligation to you is to provide you with information about your benefits and answer any questions you might have.  Though I will verify benefits for you in the time frame indicated, I strongly encourage my clients to call themselves so that they can have a first hand explanation of benefits from the company that manages these services.