Individual Counseling or Therapy

As you may have gathered from the the main page, individual counseling or individual therapy is primarily about the individual.  It is an opportunity for you to examine the things that are causing problems in your life, and with the aid of your therapist, find solutions.  Therapy is not advice so your therapist can not tell you what to do.  Your therapist is there to help guide you.

Part of therapeutic process is learning tools and techniques that help change the way you think.  Your therapist will provide you with a tool or technique so that you can abandon any old belief systems that may be getting in the way of the happiness you want to experience today.  Because therapy is a joint effort, you must do the work by putting forth the effort.  Your therapist will work just as hard as you do!

Because I am a new age therapist I do use techniques that may be new to some people.  Don’t worry, it’s okay.  They don’t hurt.  They just open your mind!

If you have any questions about individual counseling or therapy, feel free to contact me.  I am always excited to help someone figure this who life thing out.