Mid Life Support & Therapy Group

Mid Life Support & Therapy Group

midlife supprot groupA lot happens in the course of a day.  Now multiply that times 365.  Now multiply that by the number of years you have been walking this earth.  My point?  Many people, beginning in their mid 30’s and on into their 50’s begin to see life through a different lens.  They begin to look at the decisions they have made and the places those decisions have brought them.  When there is a conflict between what you want and what you have, an inner turmoil can begin.  Often people know what they want but just don’t know how to get it or lack the support and encouragement to make it happen.

There are also other issues that happen during the mid life stage.  There may be transitions such as marriage,  divorce, affairs, “empty nest syndrome”, depression, loneliness, etc.  These life changes can be difficult, but can be overcome.

This is a confidential group that is open to adult men and women who are between their mid 30’s -50’s and are experiencing life transitions AND who are ready for change.  Group members must agree to the code of confidentiality, which is simply, “what happens in group, stays in group”.  Members are expected to be active by sharing and providing feedback.

If you are ready for change and want to be the best version of yourself, I look forward to helping you along your journey.

The next group begins on 5/7/2015 at 7pm.  Please contact me for details about this group.