NEW!!! Fear Zappers Group


An Anxiety and Social Skills Group for Middle and High School Students


I am very excited to announce Fear Zappers, an anxiety and social skills group for middle and high school students.  Space is limited so please contact me ASAP if you are interested.  The group begins Wednesday, September 9, 2015.  The group meets from 6 – 7:15 on Wednesdays.

Fear Zappers is a group for middle school and high school students. It’s focus is on reducing anxiety, increasing social awareness, developing/improving social and communication skills, building confidence and possibly even developing bonds with peers both in and out of group.

As you may have gathered, it will truly be a power packed group. I have created a curriculum that combines both psychoeducational and treatment goals.

The group will be co-ed and facilitated by two therapists; myself and a male therapist. The girls will meet with me for 30 minutes, and the boys will meet with the male therapist for 30 minutes. The next 30 minutes will be processing and/or practicing. The last 15 minutes is a wrap up in which we answer any questions and discuss any practice that should be done outside of group. That last 15 minutes is also a time when the kids can engage in private conversations with peers.

My motivation for creating this group stems from the fact that we, in the therapeutic community, are seeing a growing number of children who find it difficult to “personally” connect with the world. Many of our kids are using more and more technology, but it is often solo (e.g., watching YouTube, playing video games, streaming music). Even some of the direct contact is at a distance, (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). The preferred form of communication for many is texting. You can see how our technology might cause a deficiency in social skills and a fear or even an aversion towards direct personal communication. This group will address the apprehensions/fears, provide the skills necessary to move past worry and allow opportunities for connections within the group.

If you are interested in having your child participate, contact me as soon as possible so I can reserve his/her spot. My thoughts are that the group should consist of eight to ten kids, so that means 4-5 girls in each group and 4-5 boys in the other group.

One more thing…

One of the most important things about group is regular attendance. I ask that you only request inclusion into the group if you know that your child can attend for the next 6 weeks.


Download the Fear Zappers Flyer below:

Fear Zappers Group Flyer

Register your child for the group by completing the form below.  If your child is not already a client, please complete the new client registration in addition to the group registration.

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