Torrenzo Moore, MA, LPC-Intern

Torrenzo Moore, MA, LPC Intern Supervised by Sherell Hebert, LPC-S

Torrenzo Moore, MA, LPC- Intern
Supervised by
Sherell Hebert, LPC-S

Torrenzo Moore has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Southern University and A&M College, a Masters of Applied Social Science in History and African American Studies from Florida A&M University and acquired his Master’s Degree in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University.

Torrenzo has a wide array of experience with helping individuals, couples and families develop the skills necessary to successfully overcome challenges surrounding interpersonal communication, marital and relational intimacy, work/life balance, unemployment, forgiveness, conflict resolution and infidelity.

Torrenzo’s background as a Professional School Counselor also gives him a wealth of experience from which to draw when working with families and adolescents. His ability to quickly build client rapport and a collaborative environment sets the tone necessary for productive interaction. His ultimate goal is to help you find solutions that will empower you to make daily life and lifelong changes.  He will also help you identify your strengths, help you see the process of what is happening, help you with communication issues and help resolve issues so that you may live a more fulfilling life.

He believes everyone has a natural tendency towards growth with respect to:

– An increased awareness of self

– An understanding of one’s own cultural environment

– developing a self-directed system of managing stress

Self-growth is achievable for anyone willing to do the work!

Torrenzo brings a wealth of experience and cultural awareness to his profession.  It is his belief that cultural competence is essential.  It has opened up opportunities for him to work with a wide range of individuals, couples and groups from all walks of lives. Torrenzo will bring structure and clarity as an advocate for change and growth. Within a specific cultural context, he will aid clients in identifying their mental commentary which can be a barrier for growth and assist them in identifying feelings that might seem confusing or disorienting.

Available on evenings and weekends.

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