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LPC Supervision for Texas Interns

Want to learn more about LPC Supervision for TX Interns?

Are you seeking an LPC Supervisor in Houston, or in the state of Texas, who can provide you with the experience you need at the times that fit your schedule?  I offer flexible scheduling and meetings in person or via online LPC Supervison to TX LPC Interns.  This allows me to work with potential LPC Interns who may reside in areas in which they can not connect with a LPC supervisor who matches their vision or, for whatever reason, they can not connect with personally.  (I think it is important that you have a certain level of comfort with your supervisor because, as you probably learned in school, a big part of the process is THE RELATIONSHIP.)

If you are an a potential LPC Intern who is seeking LPC Supervision and are not in Houston, you must be willing to meet face to face one weekend a month in order to satisfy the LPC Supervision’s Board’s 50/50 rule.  (You can read more about that on my primary supervision website,, or at the official spot,

I provide LPC Supervision to dedicated, motivated interns who have a passion for helping others.  I have been licensed as a Professional Counselor for almost ten years, and as an LPC Supervisor for eight years.

If you are looking for an LPC Supervisor who can not only supervise your internship, but also teach you about the business and technical side of the world of professional counseling, please contact me.  If you would like to learn more about what LPC Supervision is like with me, visit my primary LPC Supervision website at