Help for School Counselors

Looking for “Help for School Counselors”?

When I was a school counselor, there was no one out there like me offering help for school counselors who had both a background in education and also clinical counseling. As both a former teacher and school counselor, and now a therapist in private practice, I have worked with a lot of issues that effect children and teachers in the school environment.  I can potentially help you, the School Counselor, become a great source of support to your campus.

I can help you to:

  • determine the most effective interventions for individual and group counseling
  • assess and manage crisis situations
  • find ways to support teachers who are having difficulty with behavioral issues in the classroom
  • support teachers emotionally
  • provide stress reduction techniques that you, yourself can utilize, and also share with your students and/or teachers
  • establish a system of accountability which reflects documentation that you could take to court if need be
  • create groups or clubs that can help students to perform better or behave better
  • connect with families to increase the likelihood of parent involvement

Help for School Counselors is available at a consultation rate of $75 per hour.  I offer school counselors this rate because I love children, and by helping you, I am helping them.  Consultation sessions can take place in person, here at my office, by phone or by video conference.  Previous counselors that I have worked with have found the video and phone consultation easy to work into their schedules because it can be done during their lunch or other designated free time. I guess you could say that help is just a phone call away 🙂

Contact me if you would like to be the best School Counselor your campus have ever seen!

Disclaimer:  Results may vary depending upon receptivity, resources, and perception (as well as other factors).